Youth Confirmation

Seventh & Eighth Grade Bible Class & Confirmation

Week of August 23, 2020

This week we are studying the First and Second Commandments. 

First Commandment: Video  Study Guide
Second Commandment: Video  Same as Above

Worksheet for Commandments 1-2 (Use Catechism)

Learning By Heart for the Ten Commandments
Please say the LBH passages at home. Parents can initial and date this sheet as the students complete each assignment. 

Please watch the class Live Stream every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Collinsville Facebook Group Page





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Learning by Heart Passages

Learning by Heart Flash Cards

How to Acolyte

How to Take Sermon Notes

Martin Luther's Small Catechism Online

Explanation to Martin Luther's Catechism

Quizlet Catechism Review

Directions for Taking Sermon Notes

Testimony Helps

Profession of Faith Service Questions



Handouts and Videos

Ten Commandments

Video Commandments 1-2

Study Guide Commandments 1-2 

Worksheet Commandments 1-2

Video Commandments 3-4

Study Guide Commandments 3-4

Worksheet Commandments 3-4

Video Commandments 5-6

Study Guide Commandments 5-6 

Worksheet Commandments 5-6

Video Commandments 7-8

Study Guide Commandments 7-8 

Worksheet Commandments 7-8

Video Commandments 9-10

Study Guide Commandments 9-10 

Worksheet Commandments 9-10