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Lessons for the Lord's Prayer

Our last section for the year will be our study of the Lord's Prayer. Please begin working on the worksheets and watching the videos as they become available. 

You can complete the worksheets in two ways: 

1. Print the worksheet, fill-in the blanks using the Catechism, and take a picture of the worksheet. 

2. Download the worksheet as a Word file and type the key words into the blanks. 

3. Send either the picture or the file to


Worksheet: Introduction to the Lord's Prayer to the Second Petition

Worksheet: Third Petition to the Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer

Worksheet: Sixth Petition to the Conclusion of the Lord's Prayer

Study Guide for the Lord's Prayer (for the video)

Video: The Lord's Prayer

Test: The Lord's Prayer


Lessons and Test for the Sacrament of the Altar and Office of the Keys

Video: Sacrament of the Altar 

Video: The Office of the Keys

Handout: Sacrament of the Altar

Handout: Office of the Keys

Test: Sacrament of the Altar and Office of the Keys


Learning By Heart

For our LBH for the rest of this year please memorize each assignment and say it to your parents. As you complete each assignment, have your parents sign or initial the LBH handout. When you finish all the assignments, take a picture of the handout with your parents' signatures or initials and send it to

Regular LBH for the Fourth Quarter

Special LBH for the Newer Students



For Those Participating in Confirmation at Good Shepherd:

We are working on plans for confirmation this year. We will send you an email as we find out what will work. Be patient as everything changes from day to day!

The main thing for right now is to finish all the lessons online. 

Thanks - Pastor Walther


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2019-2020 Schedule

Learning by Heart Passages

Learning by Heart Flash Cards

How to Acolyte

How to Take Sermon Notes

Martin Luther's Small Catechism Online

Explanation to Martin Luther's Catechism

Quizlet Catechism Review

Directions for Taking Sermon Notes

Testimony Helps

Profession of Faith Service Questions

Tuesday Night Snack Schedule


Handouts and Videos

Ten Commandments

Video Commandments 1-2

Study Guide Commandments 1-2 

Worksheet Commandments 1-2

Video Commandments 3-4

Study Guide Commandments 3-4

Worksheet Commandments 3-4

Video Commandments 5-6

Study Guide Commandments 5-6 

Worsheet Commandments 5-6

Video Commandments 7-8

Study Guide Commandments 7-8 

Worksheet Commandments 7-8

Video Commandments 9-10

Study Guide Commandments 9-10 

Worsheet Commandments 9-10