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What Is Empower Illinois?

Empower Illinois is way to give financial support to Good Shepherd Lutheran School. 
How does it work?

  1. You make a donation to Empower Illinois which is designated for Good Shepherd Lutheran School.
  2. You receive a Tax Credit to offset your Illinois State Taxes by 75%. 
  3. What Does This Mean?  If you donate $1000 dollars to Empower Illinois, Good Shepherd Lutheran School receives $1000 from Empower Illinois. You also receive a Tax Credit for your Illinois State Taxes of $750.
  4. That means you actually made a donation of only $250, while Good Shepherd Lutheran School received a donation of $1000. 
  5. There are some basic applications that have to be made to the State of Illinois and Empower Illinois, but they are not difficult. This video helps explain how it works. A representative from Empower Illinois will also walk you through the application and donation process if you desire. 


Good Shepherd Chapel Song October 2019 (Video)

Good Shepherd Choirs Sing at Bush Stadium July 2017 (Video)

Good Shepherd Preschoolers Singing November 2017 (Video)

Why We Love Our School

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is blessed to have a Preschool through 8th grade Christian school in which children have the opportunity to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" five days a week.  This is in addtion to the far more important spiritual training children receive at home and at worship and Sunday School!  

Our pastors are actively involved in the school leading chapel services, teaching catechism classes, and meeting with students, parents, and teachers.  Our students typically do very well as they go on in their education.  They also establish many good friendships.  We work hard to make this ministry and all our ministries Bible-based and Christ-centered. That means we can teach what really matters in life - how God enables us to live by faith - and we integrate that into every class and activity.  

The tuition at GSLS is challenging, yet we try to keep it within the budgets of average families.  Compared to the costs of many other youth programs (select sports, karate, etc.), Christian education is a bargain.  Many parents forego upgrading to a larger house, driving new cars or subscribing to the best cable or telephone plans in order to send their children to this school.  We believe this is a good investment in one of the most important blessings God gives us - our children. In addition to this we also provide scholarships for church members (see below).  

If you are interested in Good Shepherd Lutheran School, please call the School Office (618-344-3153) for an introductory tour. 

How Can I Afford Christian Education at Good Shepherd?

Our goal at Good Shepherd is to provide a good Christian education for the average family at a cost that is about ten percent of the average family income for the area. Any costs that go over ten percent are automatically covered with scholarship. We also provide scholarships for families with economic hardships. Ten percent has always been a good guideline for our offerings as Christians. While challenging, it is doable.The New Testament actually urges us to give more as God blesses us. By following Biblical principles of stewardship in our church and school, we believe that we can support a good education program that helps our children grow in their faith in a loving environment.

GSLS Goal, Purpose & Accreditation

Our Goal

The number one goal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to see that each child develops to the fullest of his / her capabilities. Each activity and program is dedicated to our Lord and Savior, thus inspiring each student to dedicate all they do to His service.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to provide each student with a quality Christian education. We recognize that this begins with the premise that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and in Him we have eternal life. The curriculum and all activities are developed around this premise.

Accredited By:

All our teachers are synodically trained as well as Illinois certified.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School Enrollment Information

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school (Preschool to Grade 8), please visit the Admissions page on the school website.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School Scholarships

    We encourage our members interested in sending their children to Good Shepherd Lutheran School to apply for a scholarship. Our goal is to provide Christian education by following the Biblical principle of tithing. Families with children in our school can consider their tuition as their offering. Any educational costs above ten percent of family income we will cover with scholarships. We also consider additional help for families that are not yet able to give at the ten percent level or have special needs. To apply for a scholarship, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the homepage of the school website and complete the application for admittance. 

2. When you apply for a scholarship, select “Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) Building Blocks Scholarships” on the application. (Some of our scholarship funds come from LESA.)

3. Good Shepherd will waive the $35 application fee.  Contact Marty Hoffman (344-3151) for the waiver.

4. Please be sure to explain any special circumstances that you might have about your financial situation on the application. 

5. Please complete the scholarship application with all documentation prior to March 30th.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Scholarship Program

Members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church can apply for a scholarship funded by the church. Please call the church office (618-344-3151) to get a fee waiver code for the application. Applications are made online through FACTS.

The GSLC Scholarship Program is based on the Biblical teaching of the tithe. A tithe is ten percent, and this is the guideline that the Bible gives us for our Christian stewardship and our offerings. 

Families may consider their school tuition their offering to the church since Christian education is such an important part of the Christian life. If your tuition exceeds ten percent of your family income, we will cover the additional education costs. We also take into consideration your families special needs.  The average tuition costs of families applying for scholarships is 8% of family income. But we treat each case uniquely and try to provide as much help as is reasonable compared to other families. 

If you have any questions about scholarships, please call Pastor Walther at 618-344-3151. 

Members of other churches, or who have no church affiliation yet, should contact the school office to apply for a scholarship from the school.