Video: 125 Years of Mission Work in the LCMS

Good Shepherd supports several missions and missionaries.
Please keep them in your prayers.

Braille Workers - Each month a group of Good Shepherd members help put together braille books for seeing impaired. If you're interested in helping contact Kathy Bohnet at kbohnet@gmail.com.

People of the Book Lutheran Outreach - POBLO is an LCMS mission to Muslim people in the United States and around the world. 

Ghana Harvest - GH is a Lutheran ministry in upper east Ghana among the Kusasai people. It was begun by Pastor Nicholas Salifu in 1987. They have been supported by our Children's Bible Study. 

The Lutheran Hour - Lutheran Hour Ministries sponsors the oldest Christian radio program that reaches around the world. 

Unity Lutheran School - Unity Lutheran School is located in East St. Louis and is a part of the ministry of Unity Lutheran Church and the Southern Illinois District of the LCMS.

Transfer the Blessings - TTB is a gift planning program to help Christians include special gifts to the church and other ministry and mission organizations. 

Endowment Fund - The Endowment Fund was started in 2005 to provide funds for the mission of our school (20%) and for missions outside of Good Shepherd (80%). Donating to this fund will ensure that your gift will keep giving for many years.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities - BLC orginally began as a home for people with disabilities in Watertown, Wisconsin. Since then it has grown to include many different communities throughout the United States. 


Eddie Habte Mekash (adefrismekasha@hotmail.com)

Eddie was a field education student at Good Shepherd from 2003-05 while he was attending Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He had fled Ethiopia because of persecution from Muslims in 2002. He recently returned to Ethiopia for a mission trip in 2020 which included preaching and promoting two books that he has written. He also had the opportunity to visit with his mother who is 82 years old. 

Eddie Mekasha (far right)