Church Council


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has two main leadership components that work together under the authority of God's word and the Constitution and Bylaws of our congregation. One component is represented by the pastors and other called servants (Ephesians 4.11). The other component is represented by the elected leaders of the congregation and the members of the church (1 Peter 2.9). These two groups work together with a common confession of faith (The Book of Concord) and in Christian love to fulfill God's purpose for the church. That purpose can be described in many different ways, but perhaps the simplest description is this: (1) To feed the sheep God has called to this congregation and (2) To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to the world in order to gather the sheep that God is still calling into His kingdom. 

For information on the called pastors and called servants, see the Church Staff page.

The following is a list of church leadership groups.

Voters Assembly - The Voter's Assembly meets twice a year. The special focus of the June meeting is on the Financial Guidelines. The special focus of the November meeting is on election of officers for the leadership groups. 

Church Council - The Church Council is made up of the chairmen from all the leadership groups listed below. They meet the third Monday of each month to coordinate ministry efforts. The chairmen serve for two-year terms. President Kent Splaingard, Secretary Jan VanBeek.

Elders - The elders work with the pastors to oversee the worship, teaching and overall spiritual life of the congregation. They meet the first Monday of each month. Chairman Bruce Cross.

Christian Day School - the Christian Day School oversees the ministry of education in our school (Early Childhood to Eighth Grade). They meet the second Monday of each month. Chairman Rob Pickerell

Congregational Life - The Congregational Life group oversees the ministry of mercy and assimilation. They meet the second Monday of each month. Chairman Pat Hoffmeier (

Christian Outreach - The Outreach group directs the local evangelism efforts of the congregation. Outreach meets the fourth Monday of each month.Chairman Jennifer Buchanan 

Church Property - The Church Property groups oversees the maintenance and improvements of our church property and buildings. Chairman Bob Jones

Stewardship & Missions - The Stewardship & Missions group oversees the financial giving and mission efforts of the congregation. Chairman Wally Streuter

Finance - The Finance group directs the management of congregational funds.
Chairman Bert Cross

Personnel - The Personnel Chairman assists the Parish Administrator on behalf of the church and school staff. Chairman Rev. William Engfehr