Sunday Morning
Youth Bible Studies


This year we have an overview of the entire Bible.

Special Winter Project: Items for Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Center

Sunday Morning Youth Bible Studies

Infants and Toddlers with Parent/Adult:  Aaron Kober 

Parents with children newborn through age 2 are invited to bring their children with them to the a special Bible Class.  This relaxed class focuses on spending time in God’s Word while caring for the needs of the children.  They meet in the church Lower Level Nursery.

Parents and 2's:  Ramona Cross

Children that are 2 by Sept 1 are invited to bring a parent (or other adult helper) to join them in this special class.  They meet in the rear room of the school cafeteria.

Preschool and Kindergarten:  Chris Kovach, Ruth Herzog, and Carol Walther

Preschool 3's and 4's and Kindergarten children are dropped off and picked up in the school basement (TRACKS area). 

1st -3rd Grade Leaders:  Linda Korte, Julia Klass, Jennifer Pickerell, Kelly Reeder

1st - 3rd Grade Bible Activity Teacher:  Pam Hoffman

4th - 6th Grade Leader: Mike Pinkel

1st - 6th Grade Bible Lesson Teacher:  Zach Stegman

4th - 6th Grade Bible Activity Teacher:  Lucy Thompson

1st-6th graders are dropped off in the school cafeteria.