Last Updated November 20, 2020

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Bulletin for Sunday, November 22, 2020

Worship Opportunities at Good Shepherd 

Saturday 5:30 p.m. In-Person or Parking Lot
Saturday 5:30 p.m. Facebook Live Stream (Good Shepherd Collinsville)
Sunday 8:00 a.m. In-Person or Parking Lot
Sunday 8:00 a.m. Video (App or Website)
Sunday 10:30 a.m. In-Person or Parking Lot
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Facebook Live Stream (Good Shepherd Collinsville)
Monday 6:00 p.m. All Mask, No Singing Service
Wednesday 6:15 p.m. In-Person or Parking Lot
Wednesday 6:15 p.m. Facebook Live Stream (Good Shepherd Collinsville)

We would really appreciate it if you would indicate your Attendance at worship either in person, car, or online. Thanks!

Thanks for your generosity! You can Give Online through our app or website. We also have Text to Give. Text gift amount to     618-248-4406. You will receive an immediate receipt. Paypal - Send gift amount to

We are offering one Communion Service on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. All persons will be required to wear masks, and there will be no singing. We will have the Sunday sermon and spoken liturgy. Please also observe social distancing. 

The Prayer List is now available on the "News" page on the website.

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This Sunday's Adult Bible Class will begin at 9:15 a.m. Pastor Walther will be teaching.

Join us for Worship this Wednesday at 6:15 p.m.

Congregational Meeting - The next voter’s assembly is November 29 at 11:30 a.m. At this meeting we will elect new officers, and hear recommendations for the 2020 Endowment distribution. All communicant members age 18 and older are able to participate.

Looking For A Special Gift for someone or yourself? We have the following available for purchase in the church office: The Lutheran Study Bible for $40.00, ESV Pew Bible for $8.50, Lutheran Service Book for $25.00 and Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions for $25.00. Contact the church office or Marty Hoffman at 344-3151 for more information.

Portals of Prayer for January-March 2021 are available in the narthex.

Online New Member Classes - Since we are unable to conduct our normal classes, we are shifting to online classes. If you are interested, please check it out on the website. 

Sunday School - We are happy to announce the return of in-person Sunday school for 1st-12th grades! There will also be a live stream option for the opening portion for grades 1-6. 

Good Shepherd Youth Group - Our next Jr. & Sr. High youth event is on November 22nd from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. This will be a combined event for 7th grade through High School. The Ski Trip sign-up sheet is now live and can be found on either the Jr. High or Sr. High youth pages of the church website. The sign-up sheet will remain live until December 9th. Check out the Youth Page on the website to keep up to date with the latest youth news.

Good Shepherd Youth Group - On Saturday, December 5th the youth group will be offering a day of babysitting for families in need of some time to get things done around the Christmas holiday. The time will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will play games, make crafts, and all sorts of activities. Food will be served for lunch only and a snack will be available in the afternoon. All families must sign up at the link posted on the youth page of the church website to be able to attend to ensure that we have enough helpers and the proper amount of food.  Also, all children must be potty trained to be eligible to attend. The cost will be $20 for half day (12:30 p.m.) $40 for full day (4 p.m.) and $5 for each additional child past the first one from each family. The money raised will be used for youth group members to attend our upcoming summer trips and event.

Wednesday Women Bible Study has begun again. Here are the changes for now. Hopefully these are only temporary. We will begin at 9 a.m. No child care. Your child is welcome to sit at the table with you. No food or coffee. You may bring your own drink. Please wear masks when entering the building and when moving around the room. There will be several designated tables for people to keep their mask on while seated. Other tables will be for those comfortable removing their mask once seated.

Attention Seniors: You have until Sunday, November 22, to get your Christmas Memory to the Life Team for the Memory Booklet.  Email to or place it in the Christmas box on the table in the narthex.

A Hat and Mitten Tree will be in the narthex from November 28 -December 13.  The Board of Congregational Life is collecting warm mittens, scarves and hats that will be distributed to local children through Collinsville Head Start and Collinsville Food Pantry.  Thank you for being a part of this ministry!

Spiritual Care Suggestions - COVID has made many changes in our lifestyle. Persons at the end of life are being restricted from family visiting long periods of time. Being alone at the end of life for loved ones and feelings of guilt because of limited time spent with loved ones can add to the grief process. After thinking about this perhaps a solution would be to purchase a digital recorder and record hymns, verses from the Bible, Psalms, and different recordings by family members. Music can be found on YouTube, Pandora, or iTunes. This could be played at the bedside during alone times. Discuss the recorder with nursing staff and ask that staff would start it throughout the day or night. The average digital recorder is reasonably easy to operate and can record hours of play time. If you have any questions please contact

Supplies Available - 2 packages of depends underwear medium-34 to 46 inches & 1 package of depends underwear large. If you want them, please call the church office or email Lynn Cook at

Life Quote from Lutherans For Life - “This Thanksgiving, let’s remember exactly what God has bought for us with the blood of His Son—not just anything, but everything that matters: Pardon from sin and release from guilt. Peace with God and a home in heaven. We come empty-handed to this banquet of blessings. No marshmallow-topped side dish of good works can earn us a place at this buffet. We have nothing to offer God in exchange, yet ‘[t]he LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3).’” Sarah Habban, Time of Grace – A Life Quote from Lutherans For

New Church Email 

Issues, Etc. - This week’s teachings include: Thanksgiving in the Bible; The Lord’s Prayer Petition “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread;” God Condoning War & Killing in the Old Testament; The Book of 2 Peter and more.  You can tune in live weekdays from 3-5 p.m. on KFUO, 850 AM in St. Louis.  You can also listen at your convenience at, the LPR mobile app and your favorite podcast provider.

LCMS Foundation Gift Planning - The third visit with our LCMS Gift Planning counselor is called “summary.” In this stage the counselor will give you everything you decided on during the design stage, making sure it all makes sense and making sure it is “your” plan. Then the counselor, with your permission, will forward this information to your attorney so the process can continue. To get your Lifetime Plan for Giving started, contact Scott Radden at (618) 977-4049 or for more information.

Christmas Poinsettias - Each Christmas we decorate the church with poinsettias donated by members giving in memory of or in honor of loved ones.  We will list the donations in our Christmas services.  You are welcome to take the poinsettia home after our Christmas service or leave it for the rest of the season.  If you would like to donate a poinsettia, the cost is $10. A check can be mailed to Good Shepherd or placed in the offering with the memo “Christmas Poinsettias” with a note indicating who it is from and “In Memory/In Honor of…” 

Altar Flowers: In Honor of Jeannine Moeller's Birthday & In Honor of Duane and Ruth Rankin's 65th Wedding Anniversary

Palms: In Praise and Thanksgiving for God's bountiful blessings from Jeff & Jeannine Moeller

Attendance last week was 275 with 217 Communing. The offering was: General fund $15,421, Specials $472, including $100 in memory of Jean Kosten and $25 in memory of Bill Whittmore. Total $15,893.

Thanks to those who serve this week:
Usher Team: (5:30) D. Ulkus (8:00) K. Rust  (10:30) K. Splaingard
Altar Guild: (5:30) Christ & Marcy Ford (8:00) Paul & Lynn Lauber (10:30) Denise Brune

Current Prayer List

Pastor Adle, Divine Call Received to St. Paul, Winside and St Paul, in Carroll, Nebraska

Ryan Maser, Seminary Field Ed Student, COVID

Jan Gilbert, mother of Rosie Adle, COVID

Morgan Hinson, Friend of Shelly Rodgers, High Risk Pregnancy

For the Birth of Theodore James, son Andrew and Rachel Lauber, Grandson of Lynn and Paul Lauber

Jim Nicol, Member, COVID

Leora Lapolice, Member, Surgery Friday, Nov. 13

For the mother of Terri Ritter who suffered a car-jacking

Kathy Frost and son Jason, Friends of the Gindlers, COVID 

Family of Loretta Ley, Mother of Mark, Asleep in Jesus November 6, 2020

Family of Jean Kosten, Member, Asleep in Jesus November 6, 2020

Joe Strieker, Friend of Ken and Kay Jones, Tests

Wayne Kemp, Member, Prostate Cancer

Marguerite Krenning, Mother of Carrie Kober, Healing from Hip Surgery

Colton Tourville, Friend of Jeannie Lomax, Surgery at Children's Hospital

Michaela Aholt, Friend of Shelly Rodgers, Pregnancy Complications

Gwen Kemp, Member, Surgery

John Blasingame, Father of James and Jeff Blasingame, Hospitalized

Family of Bill Whittmore, Member, Asleep in Jesus October 22, 2020

Ann Goldsmith, Member, COVID

Ron Goldsmith, Member, COVID

Barb Burstadt, Member, Tests

Karen Dall, Member, Surgery

Family of Harold Ulkus, Asleep in Jesus September 27, 2020

Allen Hartmann, Father of Ron Hartmann, Hospitalized with Health Issues

Family of Helen Jett, Asleep in Jesus September 25, 2020

Grant, Friend of Terri Blasingame, Health Issues

Luke Reichert, Grandson of Laurine Mandeville, Medical Issues  

Ann Eckert, Member, COVID

Erik Johansson, Nephew-in-Law of Burke Latch, Stroke

Jaison Null, Nephew of Todd Schack, Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Josh and Jon Kovach, COVID, Recovering at home

Family of Paul Matzat, Uncle of Rachel Forden & Karen Witschie, Asleep in Jesus August 18, 2020

Janice Isbell, Sister-in-law of Judy Pries, cancer surgery

Dorothy Rogers, Sister of Eddie Antonovich, Kidney Disease

Anita Render, Friend of Eddie Antonovich, Hospitalized

For the family of John McNeese, Brother-in-Law of Loran Scharf, Asleep in Jesus August 15, 2020

Linda McNeese, Sister of Loran Scharf, Pancreatic Cancer

For the family of Doris Crowell, Mother of Tamara Tucker-Lindsey, Asleep in Jesus August 16, 2020

Brent Zwolenski, Grandson-in-law of Emil and Mary Schiller, Motorcycle Accident

Barb Tourville, Member 

Kathy Hanke, Former Member, Pneumonia & COVID

For the family of Shirley Chapman, Sister of Wayne Kemp, Asleep in Jesus July 21, 2020

Dan Deppe, Friend of Bill and Lee Curtis, Pancreatic Cancer

Mike Korte, Member

For the family of Jackie Provaznik, Asleep in Jesus July 16, 2020.

Bob Niedringhaus, Brother-In-Law of Ken and Donna Kober and Mike and Susan Kober, Heart Issues

Marilyn J. Karns, Mother of Jennifer Davinroy, Asleep in Jesus June 27, 2020

Janet Lock, sister of Katie Robinson, diagnosed with breast cancer

Bill Werth, son of former members Jeannie and Gerald Werth, hospitalized in serious condition from an airplane crash

Allison Tyberendt Izard baby Malsyn born June 25 hospitalized at Cardinal Glennon for tests

Ian, Nephew of Mike Krueger, recovery from COVID and good test results for family 

Marci Galen, Member, Surgery Recovery and relief from ongoing back and leg pain

Byron Hilmes, Member, Speedy recovery from COVID and protection for family

Bo Pritchard, Member, Surgery

Tony Zedolek, Brother-in-law of Bonnie Blasingame, Heart Issues

Betty Moeller, Member, Surgery recovery

For the family of Donald Roth, Father of Catherine Streuter, asleep in Jesus June 10, 2020

Jordan Wright, Friend of C. Wirth - Deployed

Nikki Boyles, Member, Speedy recovery from COVID. Nikki is also a nurse at Barnes Hospital.

Melaina Escobar, Friend of the Kemps, Liver Cancer 

Donna Asbeck, Mother of Kim Gindler, Shoulder surgery May 27, 2020

Dave Bohler, Member, Thanksgiving for successful surgery & continued healing

For the family of Albert Fischer, asleep in Jesus May 12, 2020

For the family of Mary Ann Nicol, asleep in Jesus May 17, 2020

Marcia Stralow, Member, was released from the hospital and is recuperating at home

Luke Daniels, 17 year old nephew of Michelle Fiudo, Hospitalized

For the family of Archie Schoenbeck, Asleep in Jesus May 2, 2020

Kayla, daughter of a friend of Amy Randall, on life support due to COVID

Terrence O'Brien, Father of Beth Italiano, Hospitalized

Duane Turner, Member, Hospitalized with kidney problems 

Carlene Wirth, Mem. – Dislocated Shoulder 

Tom Skosky, Br. of J. Skosky – Health Issues due to Cancer Treatment

Marcus Tso, Co. W. of M. Kober – Health Issues

Anthony Kober, S. of M. Kober – Kidney Failure

Eliana DiLiberto, D. of A. & J. DiLiberto – Infection

Glenn Telford, Gr.S-In-Law of S. & M. Schiller – Barnes/ICU

Shari Christ, daughter of Lorene Christ - Spinal Infusion

Linda Alberter, Fr. of D. Ulkus – Spinal Surgery

Cindy Daniels, Mem. – Hip Replacement

Logan Kowalski, Fr. of M. Galen – Leukemia

Grant, Fr. of M. Galen – Back Surgery Recovery

Tracey Hartmann, Sis-in-law of R. & D. Hartmann – Health Concerns

Bella Swarthout, Mem. – Eye Surgery

Nancy Noascono, A. of K. Budnicki – Stroke Recovery 

Marian Bockting, Fr. of J. & K. Budnicki – Hospitalized in ICU

Richard & Elaine Kruger, Br. & Sis-in-Law of J. Pries – Recurring Cancer

Rachel LaCroix, Gr. D. of B. Sudbring – Cervical Lymphoma  

Barbara Fedorsak, Mem. – Blood Issues

Mickey Crowe, M. of K. Robinson – Bladder Cancer

Thomas Sexton, Infant Nephew of C. & C. Loemker – Heart Problems

Cindy Dixon, Fr. of E. Jackson – Hospitalized 

Richard Surface, Br-in-Law of M. Montgomery – Cancer

Keith Lomax, Br. of C. Lomax – Health Issues

David Noel, Fr. G. Whitehead – Parkinson’s 

Richard Wallace, Mem. – Rehab

Irene Moretti, Member – Hospice

Rufus  Downing, F. of B. Downing – Lung Cancer

Trenton Kuta, Fr. of B. Clessa – Cancer

Rebecca Johnston, M. of M. Johnston – Cancer

Emil Biegler, F. of N. Skosky – Dementia 

Frank Francis, Fr. of B. Jones – Cancer

Mary Ann Biegler, M. of N. Skosky – Health Issues

Jimmy Maine, Mem. 

Tom Schaefer, S-In-Law of F. Mirly - Cancer 

Chan Pratt, Fr. of T. Schnicker – ALS

Bill Jackson, Mem. – Cancer

Ginny Bergen, Fr. R. Kopp - Hospice 

Judy Rodden, M. of J. Wright – Leukemia

Barbara Whitehead, Csn. of G. Whitehead – Thyroid 

Lydia Fenton, Gr. D. of J. Pries 

Gary Peludat, Br. of D. Peludat - Cancer

Mary Vesci, Fr. of L. Anson – Breast Cancer

Pam Kepley, Csn. of K. Dall – Brain Cancer

Roger Clark, Br.-in L, of K. & P. Rincker – Health Issues

Peg Clark, Sis. of K. & P. Rincker – Heart Problems 

Dan Kruger, Br. of J. Pries – Cancer

Greg Fiudo, Csn. of J. Fiudo –Lung Cancer

Ian Bossi, G. S. of L. & L. Finn – Life Issues 

Edward Stephens, Br. of K. Johnson – Cancer

Dennis Pulvirenti, Mem. – Health Concerns

Mike Ruger, Mem. – Memory Loss

Helen Schoenherr, Fr. of C. Wirth – Cancer

Elsa Weimerslage, 5 Yr. Old Fr. of A. Zika – Leukemia

Galen Peters, Fr. of M. Montgomery – Cancer

Diana Klapperich, N. of S. Gaskill – Brain Tumor

Jo Anne Giofre, Fr. of D. Wesemann – Health Problems

Mary Rodgers, M of B. Rodgers – Cancer 

Kristin Carlson, Fr. R. Kopp, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Andrew Shah 9 yr. old, Fr. of R. Kopp - Leukemia

Megan Call, Fr. of C. Pulvirenti - Cancer

Sarah Frey, Mem - Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)

Cheryl Metzler, Dau of D & J Metzler - Cancer