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Scripture Readings for Transfiguration

February 23, 2020

What Is Transfiguration and Lent?

Our Scripture readings begin each year with the birth of Jesus and continue with Him all the way to the cross, the resurrection and ascension. The transfiguration of Jesus happened just as Jesus was turning toward Jerusalem. Three of His disciples saw His glory as He spoke with Moses and Elijah about His coming death and resurrection. In a few weeks everything would change: Jesus would be crucified between two robbers. The Christian church remembers this time as the forty days of Lent. 

During these forty days we will take a little fast from singing “Alleluia” to help us remember Jesus’ suffering and then to sing it loudly again when we celebrate His resurrection. In our midweek services we will especially focus on Jesus’ passion and the events of Holy Week. You may want to fast on your own from television, or deserts, etc.; or you may want to spend more time in Bible study and prayer. 

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