Christian Outreach

The Board of Christian Outreach meets every fourth Monday of the month. We study ways to send reach out to the community with the Gospel and with the ministry of our church. The members of the board are:

Outreach Members are:  

Jennifer Buchanan (Chairman)

Denise Brune <>, Jim Crisler <>, Carol Walther <>,
Michael Walther <>, Sue Petersen <>,, Julie Wrigley <>, Jeff Budnicki <>, Michael Van Beek <>


Our outreach ministry looks for ways to bring the truth and love of Jesus to the people and neighborhoods around us and as far as the message may travel. Below are some of the current projects we are working on:

Welcome Table


The Welcome Table is in the church entryway to provide resources for visitors and for our members. We have brochures and other materials that can be used to make people aware of our ministries. 

Stop by the table to see if there is anything you can use to help share the Gospel and the ministry of Good Shepherd with your family, friends, and neighbors.