Learning To Read The Bible



Most people would agree that the Bible is a "good book." But for many people it is a difficult book to read and from which to learn. This is why Jesus said it must be taught... "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them everything I have commanded you to observe" (Matthew 28.19). Below you will find three good steps to help you read and become more familiar with the Bible.

First Step - Bible Stories

Almost all Christians began learning the Bible simply by reading Bible stories. If you've never read the Bible before, we would recommend that you begin by reading the Bible stories in a book such as 120 Bible Stories by Concordia Publishing House. This book gives you the words of the Bible organized according to the most important Bible stories that every Christian should know. Although geared for children, it is still very appropriate for adults who are not familiar with the Bible. You can buy this book from Concordia Publishing House or from other websites. We also have a version that you are welcome to borrow from the church

Second Step - The Catechism

"Catechism" just means "instruction." Martin Luther's Small Catechism is a little handbook of Christian teaching. We use this book to instruct our youth and adults in the basic teachings of the Christian faith. The Catechism takes the Bible stories and boils them down to the important truths of the Christian faith. The Catechism provides you with a reliable "map" to guide you through the Bible and to give you a good, overall summary of its teachings.

Third Step - Bible Books

Now you're ready to begin reading the individual books of the Bible. It's important to remember that the Bible is a small library of sixty six individual books. We don't recommend that you simply start reading the Bible by trying to go from cover to cover. God didn't not give us a certain order to the books of the Bible. On our Bible Books page, you'll find an order to the Books of the Bible that is designed to help you make progress without getting bogged down by those parts of the Bible that are meant to be read later rather than earlier. You'll also learn how to read individual books of the Bible and to become familiar with them before moving on to the other books. There are many different translations and types of Bibles that you can use. We recommend the Lutheran Study Bible if you don't have a good Bible to use. 

Which translation should I use? Take a look our Translations Page to get some good advice of Bible translations.

The Bible Books Page begins by giving you a recommended reading order. Gradually we will be adding introductory notes and other helps so that you can become more and more familiar with the individual books of the Bible. 





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