New Member Classes


These classes are designed to teach all the basics of the Christian faith. 
This is the beginning of a life-long study of God's word. 
  1. Watch the video(s) for each class and fill out the study guide. Write down any questions you might have.
  2. Next we will make arrangements to meet either in person or by Zoom to go over the videos to answer questions or dig deeper on any particular part of the class.
  3. We can provide you with a Bible, Small Catechism, and a Study Guide Workbook. If you would like to purchase a Bible or Small Catechism, they are $10 each. The Study Guide Workbook is free. You can also download the study guides.
  4. There is no obligation to become a member of our church. You're welcome to participate just to become more familiar with what our church teaches.
  5. This seventy-five minute video provides an overview of the whole series.

New Member Bible Class

1. Is God Real? and, How Does God Talk to Us?
First Commandment: Video  Study Guide
Second Commandment: Video   Same As Above


2. Worship and Family
Third Commandment:  Video Study Guide (Revised)
Fourth Commandment:  Video  Same As Above


3. How Do We Love Our Neighbor?  
Commandments 5-6:  Video Study Guide
Commandments 7-10 Video  Same As Above


4. God the Father and Creation
The Miracle of Creation Video Study Guide
The Problems of Evolution: Video  Same As Above


5. Jesus the Eternal Son of God and Salvation
Who Is Jesus?  Video  Study Guide
How Are We Saved? Video  Study Guide


6. The Holy Spirit, Faith and Church
How Can I Believe? Video Study Guide
What Is the Church? Video  Study Guide


7. Forgiveness and New Life in Baptism
What Is Holy Baptism? Video Study Guide
What Is Confession? Video  Study Guide


8. Forgiveness and New Life in Holy Communion
What Is Holy Communion?  Video Study Guide
What Is A Pastor? Video  Study Guide


9. Prayer and Our Christian Life
The Lord's Prayer Video Study Guide