How to Become a Member


What If I'm Not a Christian?

Good Shepherd welcomes anyone who may have doubts about the Christian faith. The Bible says that "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10.17). It also says "If you seek Him (God), he will be found by you" (2 Chronicles 15.2). Faith is a journey in which God is leading. If you are reading this, it is probably because you are feeling a divine pull toward God. We welcome you to our worship services and Bible studies. We only ask that you do not take Holy Communion* because Communion is an affirmation of faith. We especialy encourage you to meet with our pastors and join in one of our New Member Classes that are offered three times a year. 

What If I'm a Christian of Another Denomination?

Christians have always had their differences regarding the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was constantly correcting the mistaken understanding the disciples. Later the apostles wrote their letters to address errors that had crept into the church. But all true Christians hold to basic core beliefs that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that we are sinners who need to be saved. Still Christians need to seek the church that teaches the word of God in its truth and purity. If you are a Christian of another denomination, we invite you to attend our New Member Class so that you can understand what we believe are the true teachings of Jesus and the Bible. If you affirm those teachings with us, you may become a member by adult confirmation.

What Is Baptism and Adult Confirmation?

The Christian faith begins with baptism. In baptism our names are connected to God's name, as Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28.19). Baptism is a washing with water and God's word. The baptized Christian continues to receive God's word through teaching and preaching. Adult Confirmation is an affirmation of baptism to show that a person has continued to learn and is now ready to receive the Holy Communion.*

What If I've Been Baptized and Confirmed in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod?

If you've been active in another local Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod, we invite you to meet with Pastor Walther for an introduction to our church. You may then ask for your membership to be transferred from your previous church to Good Shepherd. 

What We Believe

This is a 75 minute video that covers all the basic teachings of our New Member Class / Adult Confirmation Class. 

*What Is Holy Communion?

God uses His Word, Baptism and Holy Communion to assure us of His promises and particularly of the forgiveness of sins. These things sustain our faith. Holy Communion was given by Jesus the day before He died on the cross. He took bread and wine and blessed them with these words: "This is My Body," and "This is My Blood." Holy Communion is an outward mark of the Christian faith which we explain in more detail in our New Member Class.