We are discontinuing the Tuesday, ten-person only service temporarily. In its place we are beginning a Monday evening communion service starting at 6:00 p.m. This service will require masks, and there will be no singing. It is especially for those with special health concerns or who help someone with health concerns. 


Communion Signup

Call to Signup at 618-344-3151


Holy Communion Signup Link

We will continue to offer Tuesday communion services for groups of ten people to help those who aren't able to come to the indoor services. Since most are able to receive communion at the indoor services, we will adjust the time slots for Tuesday communion. 


1. We will offer Holy Communion on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. three times each hour to groups of nine or less people. The communion services will be held every twenty minutes (3:00; 3:20; 3:40; 4:00; etc.).

2. You can also call the Church Office at 618-344-3151 to sign up or use this GoogleDocs Spreadsheet. If you are using our app, you will need to download the Google Docs app to edit the spreadsheet on a smartphone or tablet. Please indicate the names of those attending and the total number attending. See example below:

3. Communicants should come directly to the communion rail and remain standing. (We won't be sitting in the pews.) Separate families can spread out on either side. Children may attend but should be counted as participants. 

4. The service will include a brief Admonition to Communicants, Preface, Words of Institution, Distribution, Closing Prayer and Benediction. Each service will be about ten minutes in length. 

5. The pastors will sanitize their hands as they normally do before each distribution. 

6. After the service the communicants will depart taking care to avoid anyone coming for the next service. 

7. Please signup for communion only once a month. 

Special Note to Guests

Please don't be offended... If you have not yet received instructions in the Lutheran confession of faith, you are welcome to come to receive the blessing of baptismal remembrance. We believe that the faithful practice of Holy Communion also includes instruction and affirmation of the basic teachings of the faith. You can begin the process using our Online New Member Classes. Once completed, you will be more than welcome to join those who have gone through the same instructions as we share together in the fulness of Christ in Word and Sacrament!