Sunday School

Good Shepherd encourages the Study of God's Word by people of all ages on Sunday Morning during the Bible Study hour.  In addition to the Adult Bible classes, classes are offered for children and youth of all ages.

Newborn through age 2:

Parents with children newborn through age 2 are invited to bring their children with them to the a special Bible Class.  This relaxed class focused on spending time in God’s Word while caring for the needs of the children.

2 Year Old:SS.6

Children who are 2 by Sept 1 are invited to attend a special Parent and 2's class.  This class will focus more on the child than the Toddler class but one parent (or significant adult) is asked to stay with each child. There is also time for parent discussions.

Preschool 3's, 4's and Kindergarten:

Preschool 3's and 4's and Kindergarten children are dropped off and picked up in the school basement(TRACKS area). 

1st-6th grade:

Each Sunday the Sunday School children (1st grade and older) meet their group guide in the school cafeteria.  The offering will also be collected during the opening.  At 10:15 parents may pick their children up in their classrooms.  For the safety of the children, we ask that all students through 6th grade be picked up by their parents.

7th & 8th grade:

7th & 8th grade go with their teacher to their designated classroom.

High School:

High School students meet in an 8th grade science lab.

If you have any questions about where you should be on Sunday morning, stop in the Sunday School Office near the cafeteria and ask!





Toddler's: Kathy Hanke/Aaron Kober

Two's (One child/adult; 2-yrs-old by 9/1): Beth Italiano/Carrie Kober

Pre-School/Kindergarten: /Chris Kovach/Jennifer Martin/Carol Walther/Janell Poenitski

   Engage (Opening): Zach Stegman

First - Third:
   Small Group Leader 1 (1st Grade): 
   Small Group Leader 2 (2nd Grade): Mike Pinkel
   Small Group Leader 3 (3rd Grade): Angela Mueller

   Explore Level I (Bible Story Review– 15 min.): Rob & Jennifer Pickerell or Julia Klaas 

   Express Site 1 (Story Enrichment. – 15 min.): Lucy Thompson
   Express Site 2 (Crafts, etc. – 15 min.): Pam Hoffman

Fourth - Sixth:
   Small Group Leader 1 (4th Grade): Ed Kovach
   Small Group Leader 2 (5th & 6th Grade): Ed Kovach

   Explore Level 2 (Bible Story – 20 min.): Zach Stegman

   Express Site 1 & 2 (Enrichment – 25 min.): Lyle & Christine Buettner

Seventh & Eighth: Joshua Blasingame

Highschool: Tom Westphal

Superintendent:  Cindy Henderson