Sunday Morning Bible Studies

9:15 a.m.  Babysitting is Available in the Nursery for Infants to Three Year Olds

Youth Bible Studies Available for Infants Through High School


February - March 2016

What Nature Teaches Everyone About God - The first four words of the Bible are: "In the beginning God..." The Bible doesn't begin by saying: "This is a book about a being called 'God,' of whom you know nothing." Rather, the Bible assumes that everyone who reads it has already been taught important things about God that come from nature. In this class we will look at the things nature can teach us about God. (Taught by Pastor Walther in the School Library)

The Seven Deadly Sins - Pride, Sloth, Guttony...? The Ten Commandments presents one important summary of the Law. St. Paul gave several "Lists of Vices," from which the Seven Deadly Sins are drawn. This class will examine the vices we need to avoid and look to the life that Jesus gives us in faith to overcome "deadly" sins. (Taught by Pastor Adle in the Lower Level)

Basic Bible Study - This class will look at the early years and early ministry of Jesus including His Presentation in the Temple, Visit of the Magi, His Baptism, Tempation and First Disciples. These lessons are also the same for our children's and youth Bible studies. (Taught by Pastor Mueller in the Lower Level)


Past Bible Studies

December  2015

The Songs of Christmas 

In this class we will study the great hymns of Advent and Christmas, their authors and their theology! We will be looking into the backgrounds of such great hymns as Lo! He Comes on Clouds Descending, by Charles Wesely, O Little Town of Bethlehem, by Philllips Brooks, From Heaven Above to Earth I Come, by Martin Luther and many more.

October - November  2015

Basic Bible Study 

This class examines the lessons that be taught in the youth classes. Fall series focuses on the Exodus, The Ten Commandments, and the Tabernacle. Taught by Pastor Walther

The Bible and the Future

Popular Biblical teaching of the end-times is full of confusion and error. This class will take a Christ-centered approach to the coming end of this world. Taught by Pastor Mueller


Sometimes we neglect the shorter books of the Bible such as Nahum and Philemon. This class will take a good look at the short but important books of the Bible. Taught by Pastor Adle

August - September 2015

Love, Sex and Marriage

Our culture has lost its way with regard to sexuality and marriage. This class will look at the Biblical teachings on love, sex and marriage. Taught by Pastors Mueller, Adle & Walther

June - August 2015

The Sunday Lessons

In this class we looked closely at the appointed lessons and psalm for each week. We also considered how each set of lessons fit into the church year as a whole. Taught by Pastor Walther

The Large Catechism

Martin Luther wrote his larger catechism for pastors and parents. It is an expansion on the Small Catechism, and in provides great insights to the basic teachings of the Bible. Taught by Pastor Adle

April - June 2015

Revelation: The Triumph of Christ

In this Easter season class we are studying the Book of Revlation. We especially are emphasizing the three cycles of God's judgment compared to the interludes that emphasize God's salvation. Taught by Pastors Walther, Adle & Mueller

January - March 2015

Christianity and Islam

In this class we used DVDs (Christianity and Islam & The Great Divide) to examine the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam. This class averaged about 160, the highest attended Bible class in Good Shepherd's history. Taught by Pastors Walther, Adle & Mueller

Fall 2014

The Gospel of St. Mark - September to November - Michael Walther (Lower Level)

The Gospel of St. Mark is sometimes called "Peter's Gospel" since it is likely that Mark got most of his information about Jesus directly from Peter. Like Peter, the Gospel of Mark is focused on action and movement - the movement of Jesus toward the cross and the resurrection.

Christ in the Old Testament - September to November - Aaron Mueller (School Library) 

Where is Christ in the Old Testament?  He's everywhere if you know how to look. 

Genesis - The Latter Chapters - September to November - Scott Adel (Lower Level)

In this Bible study we will be looking at the latter chapters of Genesis, and see how they lead up to the nation of Israel.  This will include looking at Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Joseph. Through these patriarchs God established important promises that brought hope and salvation to this world.

Summer 2014

Denominations and Contemporary Christian Movements - April to May / Repeated June to July - Michael Walther (Lower Level)

In this Bible study we will be looking at divisions in the church beginning with the New Testament and throughout the church's history. We will also examine the theological views of those leading popular movements such as Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, and Rob Bell. 

How God Became King - April to May / Repeated June to July - Aaron Mueller (School Library)

When Jesus arrived in Galilee preaching that the kingdom of God was at hand, what did he mean?  In this class we will study ancient Israel's desire for  a king, the establishment of David's royal family, the national heartbreak when the Davidic line was ended, the dreams that Jesus' announcement stirred up in the minds of his hearers, the steps that God - in Jesus - took to become king of his people once again, and what Jesus' sovereignty means for our world today.

Genesis - The Early Years - April to May / Repeated June to July - Scott Adel (Lower Level)

Begin at the beginning.  In this Bible study we will be looking at the early chapters of Genesis, and see how they set up what is to come in the rest of the Scriptures.  This will include looking at the creation, Adam and Eve, the Fall, and how God responds.  Throughout we will make ties to the New Testament, and see how the Old always points to Christ.

January 12, 19, & 26

The Apostles' Creed with Weston Wildauer - Fourth Year Seminarian (Lower Level of the Church)

The Smalkald Articles - Peter Adelson - Second Year Seminarian  (School Library)

Christmas Studies 2013

December 29 - The Prologue of St. John - Mueller (Lower Level)

January 5 - The Epiphany / Magi / Slaughter of the Innocents - Walther (Lower Level)

December 2013

The Saints of Advent - Walther & Mueller (Lower Level)

October - November 2013

Making the Most of Marriage - DVD Series by Dr. Kevin Leman (Facilitated by Pastor Walther)

Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours - DVD Series by Dr. Kevin Leman (Facilitated by Principal Bob Mayhew)

The Book of Esther - Aaron Mueller

June - August 2013

Sunday School Lessons - Pastor Walther and Aaron Mueller (Alternating)

These are the same Bible stories that the kids will be learning in Sunday School. The Bible stories are a very important part of our Christian education. They are the "brick" that we use to build up our understanding of God, of Salvation, and of the Church. 

March - May 2013

2 Corinthians - Strength in Weakness - Aaron Mueller

This is an in-depth look at 2 Corinthians and St. Paul's important message to the church instructing us in the battles against temptation and persecution.  Aaron is a PhD candidate at Concordia Seminary.  This class meets in the Lower Level.

January - February 2013

Exodus - Seminary John Schultz

In this class, we will examine and explore some of the major themes in this book, discover how this book connects with the rest of Scripture, and recognize how much of what occurs in Exodus points us to Jesus Christ. We'll be digging in deeper to some of the more familiar stories and perhaps also discovering things along the way we did not realize were in this fascinating book.

Jesus’ Prayer Book - Seminarian Martin Dressler

Did you know that Jesus had a prayer book? It's true!  Did you also know that His prayer book has been used by ancient Israel and the Church throughout the ages? Come, join us as we experience an exciting journey through the Psalms.  We'll see their use in ancient times, how they prophesy about Jesus, what they can tell us about life today, and then we'll see how to use them as devotions for ourselves!

Stories We Never Hear - Seminarian David Schutlz

Come, learn, and hear great stories from the Bible that you may never have heard before. By hearing stories of God's grace that we are unfamiliar with, we will see the greatness of the Gospel and experience God's great love for His people afresh. Stories will include "A Killer Sermon", "A Talking Donkey", A Witchy Woman" and many more!

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians - Seminarian Chris Schneider

Come join as we work through Paul's letter to the church in Galatia, and its impact on the church of its time and ours today. As we work through this book, we will discover the true Gospel that Paul conveys throughout this letter. We will then turn to its impact on our lives - that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Paul proclaims in this letter, compels us to live by faith.

November - December 2012

2 Peter 

Pastor Walther will teach this book in which Peter addresses the church as it faces the problems of the end-times.  One of the key words in 2 Peter is "knowledge."  God's word gives us the knowledge of the truth as the world sinks lower and lower into the falsehoods of evil.  Peter ends his epistle with the well-known admonition:  "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

1,2, & 3 John

Pastor Hemenway will teach this class that focuses on the Apostle John's simple, yet profound response to the heresies that were rising within the church.  John emphasizes the physical reality of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and all the truth and love that He brought into the world.  

September - October 2012

A Biblical Approach to Youth Ministry

To help us in our search for a new youth director, we thought it would be wise to find out what the Bible says about youth ministry and what are some of the challenges that our culture presents for youth ministry today.  We will be viewing a part of the controversial film "Divided" as well as studying important passages in Deutoronomy, Psalms and the New Testament.

July - August 2012

Ezra - Nehemiah

Having studied a little history of the founding of the LCMS (see below), it is good for us to study the rebuilding of the Temple of Israel under the leadership of Zerubbable, Ezra, and Nehemiah.  This study will give us a lot of lessons in Christian leadership and faithfulness.  It will encourage us when we are faced what may seem to be impossible challenges. We will especially see how God keep His promises to Israel and preserved His plan of salvation.  

June 2012

The Walther Movie

Pastors Walther and Hemenway - During the month of June we will be watching segments of this recent film that shows how 1,100 Saxon Lutherans left Germany in the 1800s because of persecution and settled in Perry County, Missouri.  Problems arose from within and from without.  On the verge of becoming a "cult," they turned to the Scriptures in order to discover what the church really was meant to be.  Dr. C.F.W. Walther, along with other dedicated pastors and laymen, forged a new path to become a vibrant, confessional Lutheran church.

March - May 2012

Bad Things People Commonly Believe

Pastor Walther - Learn how to respond to people who say things like this:  It doesn't matter what I do as long as I'm not hurting anyone. Or, Only really evil people go to hell.  Or, You don't need to go to church to be a Christian.

The Augsburg Confession for Today

Pastor Hemenway - The Augsburg Confession was presented to the Holy Roman Emperor in 1530.  It was a summary of the teachings of the Lutherans and an official appeal for unity within the church.  

February 26 and March 5, 2012

Responding to the Erosion of Religious Freedom

Pastor Walther - What does freedom of religion really mean? How should Christians respond to the erosion of religious freedom? What control should government have over religion? We will discuss these and other questions. We will look at recent political actions such as the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran School, the Health and Human Services mandate requiring employers to pay for birth control (including abortificients), and the impact of the Illinois Civil Unions Law on churches and faith-based organizations.  Handouts and mp3 audio files are available in the Bible study archives.

January - February 2012

Creation Questions (7th Grade Room) Sem. Weston Wildauer. This DVD based class will help you to answer questions about creation.

Witness, Mercy & Life Together (7th Grade Room) Sem. Mike Musegades. This DVD based class will present the three important emphases of ministry of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

Certain Psalms at Certain Times (6th Grade Room) Sem. John Schultz. This class looks at the psalms that help us with emotions such as guilt, fear, impatience, etc.

Christian Fatherhood (Lower Level) Pastor Hemenway. This DVD based class presents the Christian view of fatherhood and the heavenly goal of raising children who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The Book of Jonah (Lower Level) Pastor Walther. This class will look at the life and times of Jonah, who (reluctantly) led one of the greatest revivals of all time. Copies of class handouts with notes are available in the Bible study archives.

1 Thessalonians (School Library) Pastor Hischke continues the study of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians.

November - December 2011

The Book of Acts

Pastor Hemenway – Lower Level – This class will examine the amazing experiences of the early Christians including persecutions, miracles, jailbreaks, conversions and more. There’s more action in the Book of Acts than most Hollywood blockbusters.  Come find out how the early church changed the world.   

The Sacrifices of Israel and the Sacrifice of Christ

Pastor Walther – School Cafeteria – “Are You Washed in the Blood?”  Many people have no idea what this means.  In this class we’ll learn the relationship between the shedding of blood and the forgiveness of sin in the Old and New Testaments.

September - October 2011

Witnessing to Your Muslim Neighbor 

This Bible class will use a video series featuring several converts from Islam who will talk about the Muslim faith, their personal conversions, and ways that Christians can witness effectively to Muslims.  Taught by Pastor Walther

Citizens of Two Kingdoms 

This Bible class is based on a video series featuring Dr. Dale Meyer from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  This class will examine the very important doctrine of the Two Kingdoms.  It is vitally important that Christians understand their role in a free democracy. Taught by Pastor Hemenway

March - August 2011

Paul's Letter to the Romans  

This letter, more than any other that Paul wrote, lays down the basic foundations of the Christian faith. Included in this study will such important topics as: The Natural Law, Justification by Faith, The Struggle of Faith and the Support of the Spirit, The Role of Israel, and The Basics of Christian Living. This class will be in the Lower Level and is led by Pastor Hemenway.

The Church of Corinth  

Corinth was one of the most decadent cities of the Mediterranean world. Yet God brought His transforming grace here to produce one of the most vigorous and vital churches planted by the Apostle Paul.  In this class we'll look at topics such as: The Importance of the Cross, Church Denominations, Sexual Immorality & Marriage, Lawsuits, The Lord's Supper, The Resurrection from the Dead.  This class will meet in the School Cafeteria and be taught by Pastor Walther. 

January-February 2011

The Church From A.D. 500 to 1500


We’ll see what errors and heresies crept into the church, the controversies that fractured it, the historical rise and role of Islam, the role of the popes, the Crusade era, and review events leading up to the Reformation era. This will be a great study to see how God preserves and provides for His church throughout history. (Seminarian John Schultz)


The Creator’s Story


"Save the Earth!" "Save the Whales!" We see these and other slogans on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and throughout the media.  Should Christians pay these slogans any attention or just write them off as the latest fad or movement?  Over the next six weeks, we will look at how Christians have the unique opportunity to show how to live within creation as creatures, who, together with all creatures, are part of a Creator's story. (Seminarian Jon Kern)


Marriage By God's Design


Today, there are a lot of conflicting ideas about what marriage is and isn’t. Love. Adoption. Engagement. Children. Divorce. Wedding. Civil union. Single living. Widowhood. Separation. Chastity. Until death do us part. What does it all mean? Are there any concrete answers, or is it all just opinion?  Marriage by God’s Design is a unique resource that mines the riches of Bible texts speaking to God’s holy institution of marriage. Through thought-provoking questions and explanations of Greek and Hebrew terms, participants will explore, learn, and grow in their appreciation of Christian marriage. Video vignettes of real couples and singles will foster meaningful and fruitful discussions about the challenges and joys of married—and single—living. (Pastor Hemenway)


Hebrew Words of Wisdom


This is not a language learning class. Instead we will look of key spiritual concepts captured by important Hebrew words. For example, we will learn the principles of chesed (mercy), hagah (meditation), nacham (comfort), simchah (joy) tzidaka (righteousness) and others. We will study both the root meanings of the words and the way they are used in various Biblical accounts.   (Pastor Walther)