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2011/02/12    The Problem of Cynicism - Men's Ministry    Handout   
2011/02/20  Will the World End on May 21st? - Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study   MP3 PDF
2011/03/26  A Man's Devotional Life - Men's Ministry  Handout  
2011/05/15  Supporting Motherhood - Men's Ministry  Handout  
2011/10/30  Luther and the Jews Part 1  Video  
2011/10/30  Luther an the Jews Part 2  Video  
2012/06/09  What Pagans Need from Us - 1 Peter Three and St. Boniface  Handout  
2012/06/27  The Intolerance of Tolerance  Handout  
2012/08/01  The Agon Motif and the Summer Olympics  Handout  
2012/08/15  Should Christians Vote for a Mormon?  Handout  
2012/09/08  Loving God with All Your Mind - Fatherly Advice to College Students  Handout  
2014/01/11  The Duck Dynasty Controversy  Handout
2014/02/08  Disordered Desires: How We Fight Temptation  Handout  MP3


Jerusalem - The Holy City

Pastor Michael Walther

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Illinois 2012

2012/09/09 Jerusalem Becomes the Captital of Israel Handout


Bad Ideas That People Commonly Believe

Pastor Michael Walther

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Illinois 2012

2012/03/11 Don't Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian? Handout  MP3
2012/03/18 Only Really Bad People Go to Hell if Any Go at All? Handout MP3
2012/03/25 Who Needs a Marriage Certificate? Handout MP3 
2012/04/01 Jesus Didn't Really Rise from the Dead? Handout MP3
2012/04/15 The Bible Has a Few Mistakes?  Handout  MP3
2012/04/22 A Little Evolution is Okay? (Intro & Part 1 Omitted from MP3)  Handout  MP3
 2012/05/06  I'm Not Religious. I Just Believe in Jesus?  Handout  
2012/05/13 To Say Homosexual Behavior is Sinful is to Discriminate? Handout MP3
2012/05/20 The Goal of the Church Should Be to End War and Poverty? Handout MP3


Responding to the Erosion of Religious Freedom

Pastor Michael Walther

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Illinois 2012

2012/02/26 Assessing the Current Problems Handout MP3
2012/03/04 Responding with God's Word Handout MP3


The Prophet Jonah

Pastor Michael Walther

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Illinois 2011

Main Reference:  Jonah-Concordia Commentary, Dr. Reed Lessing

2012/01/15 Introduction Handout & Notes
2012/01/22 Chapter 1.1-3 Handout & Notes
2012/01/29 Chapter 1.4-16
Handout & Notes
2012/02/06 Chapter 2 Handout & Notes
2012/02/12 Chapter 3 Handout & Notes
2012/02/19 Chapter 4 Handout & Notes


I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Pastor Michael Walther

Based on the book by the same title and authored by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek

Home Bible Study Series 2010-2011

November 2010 Truth: Can we be sure of anything?
December 2010 Cause: Where did everything come from?
January2011 Design:  Why is the earth so suited for life?
February 2011  Morals:  Without God aren't all laws arbitrary?
March 2011 Miracles: Can we be sure they don't happen?
April        2011 The New Testament:  Did you know there are more manuscripts of the New Testament than any other historical document?  
May 2011 The Resurrection:  If Jesus didn't rise from the dead, what happened?  A look a the facts might surprise you.  


Fire and Water: The Person and Work of John the Baptist

Pastor Michael Walther

2010/12/05 His Birth Handout
2010/12/12 His Ministry Handout
2010/12/19 His Martyrdom Handout



Creation and Evolution

Michael P Walther


(Files Will Be Uploaded Soon!)

Topic Handout Power Point PDF Audio
1. Two Different Ideas Handout Power Point PDF Audio
2. The Age of the Earth Handout Power Point PDF Audio
3. Interpreting Genesis Handout Power Point PDF Audio
4. The Challenge of Complexity Handout Power Point PDF Audio
5. Serious Questions for Theistic Evolutionists Handout Power Point PDF Audio
6. Fossils Handout Power Point PDF Audio
7. The Flood Handout Power Point PDF Audio
Age of the Earth - Special (Chris Tiews)   Power Point PDF  




A Study of Denominations

Pastor Michael Walther


Introduction Handout
The Eastern Catholic Church Handout
The Roman Catholic Church Handout
The Lutheran Churches Handout
The Protestant Churches Handout
Trends in American Christianity Handout

Special Essay

Similarities and Differences Between The Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches