Why Become a Member?
Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in the midst of them" (Matthew 18.20).

I’m Not a Christian.   What Should I Do?
1. First of all the pastors would like to meet with you and help you with the basics of the Christian faith.  
2. Next you are encouraged to worship and attend your first Bible study – the Adult Confirmation Class. "Confirmation" means "to affirm with." This 10 week class will prepare you to affirm your faith with the congregation. If you haven't been baptized, we will celebrate your baptism at the end of these classes.
3. After the Adult Confirmation Class you are encouraged to continue worshiping, receiving Holy Communion, attending Bible studies, and serving in various ways.

I Am a Baptized Christian, but Not a Lutheran.   What Should I Do?
1.  We invite you to worship and attend Adult Bible Class with us on a regular basis.
2.  The next step is to attend our Adult Confirmation Class to learn about the Lutheran confession of faith.
3.  We would ask that you refrain from receiving Holy Communion until completing these classes.
4.  When you complete the Adult Confirmation Class you are invited to become a member of Good Shepherd. You will not be re-baptized.
5.  After becoming a member of Good Shepherd we encourage you to continue in worship, Holy Communion, Bible study, and in serving.

I’m Already a Member of a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Congregation.
What Should I Do?   How Do I Transfer?
1. We invite you to attend worship and adult Bible class.
2. If you haven't been active at an LCMS church in the last two years, we ask that you attend the Adult Confirmation Class before joining.  This is a good review of the faith and a good introduction to Good Shepherd.
3.  If you are currently an active member at an LCMS church, we ask that you meet with Pastor Walther to find out more about Good Shepherd. Call the church office (344-3151) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
4.  When you are convinced that GSLC is the right place for you, we will send a transfer request to your former congregation.  
5.  As soon as they send the transfer, you will be accepted as a member at the next monthly Church Council meeting.